Art News December 2018!

Art News December 2018!

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We inaugurate the first date of Art News with 5 incredible news that an art enthusiast must absolutely know about! 2018 ended with great events and expositions, paving the way to another rich-in-news year.


The film-event At Eternity’s Gate directed by Julian Schnabel, is being broadcasted in the movie theaters worldwide from November 2018! At Eternity’s Gate is a film-biography focusing on the last years of Vincent Van Gogh, performed by the American actor Willem Dafoe, when he created the greatest Expressionist masterpieces of all time. The movie begins from the homonym artwork realized by the artist in 1890 in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and preserved at the Museum Kröller-Müller in Otterlo, Netherlands. The movie was presented at the Venice Cinema Festival last September.
Click here to watch the official trailer.


You have until 3 February 2019 to go visit the exhibition on Klimt and Schiele’s wonderful drawings from the Albertina Museum in Vienna, opened at the Royal Academy of Arts on 4 November 2018. Klimt/Schiele: Drawings gathers the masterpieces of the two greatest artists of 19th-century Vienna, showing 100 artworks ca.: portraits, nudes, and landscapes. Discover some original lithographs of the two Expressionist artists on


The museum Marino Marini in Piazza Santa Maria Novella in Florence opens again after one year! The museum has already planned many events, such as the Slam Jam, celebrating 30 years of activity. Today, the museum conserves more than 150 works by Marino Marini.


What do Arabic characters hide? The Tunisian artist El Seed explains it to us at his solo show at the Lazinc Gallery in Mayfair. The exhibition Tabula Rasa opens 25 January and reveals the mysteries of Arabic calligraphy through paintings and graffiti.


An image recalling Banksy’s style appeared on the wall of a garage in Port Talbot, Galles: a child with his arms raised towards the sky, hit by the snow; a dumpster on fire is depicted on the adjacent wall. The artist confirmed the authenticity of the graffiti and revealed the title of the work: Season’s Greetings.

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