Christmas 2018: The First Real Gift Guide For Art Lovers

Christmas 2018: The First Real Gift Guide For Art Lovers

Author: Francesca Ianio

Christmas is behind the corner, and obviously Christmas parties with presents are approaching. Year after year, the hunt for the best gifts becomes increasingly difficult. It is easy to end up being repetitive, banal, boring, or uninspired. Then why not surprising everyone with an art gift? For those who have not drafted their personal wishlists yet, here are a few pieces of advice for art gifts to place under the Christmas tree discovered among Wallector’s art collection.

 1.   For Pop Friends

If you have a friend who loves everything that is colorful and original, who enjoys standing out and be a free-thinker, here are some ideas for you! Choose an artwork by the undisputed masters of Pop Art Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein to impress your friend. Otherwise, you can surprise him or her with an artwork by the king of street art Keith Haring. Bright colors with stripes, dots, concentric circles, and optical geometrical drawings strongly mark an American personality: discover the beautiful artworks by Victor Debach, Max Bill, and Piero Dorazio.

 2.   For The Design-Addicted

For who would love giving a personal touch to an environment or a unique piece to design experts, take a look at our Design section, where you can find designer-edition lamps, furniture, and decorative objects. The best-seller pieces of 2018: the Lamp-Suitcase by Ettore Sottsass and the elegant coffee-table by Frank Lloyd Wright.

  3.   For Who Loves Designer Names

Were you thinking about a gift that leaves everyone speechless? Give a unique work of art, signed by an important international artist, to make these holidays memorable. For both collectors and enthusiasts, our top-5 art selection includes Lucio Fontana, Jannis Kounellis, Mimmo Rotella, Pablo Picasso, and Alberto Burri.

 4.   For The Melancholics

With the boom of vintage and retro trends, who would not like masterpieces of the past hanging on the walls of their houses? If Manet, Rembrandt, Gauguin, or Canaletto are names that would make your friends and relatives happy, have a look at our Old Masters section.

 5.   For People On A Low Budget

Every year for Christmas the same problem: many people to give presents to, and a limited budget to spend. If you are wondering whether it is possible to give an artwork on a low budget, the answer is yes. Among our low-cost big names, we suggest Egon Schiele, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dalí, and Joan Miró.

 6.   For Who Loves Animals

Every gift must reflect the recipient’s taste. For people who love animals, there is nothing better than a work of art that immortalizes our beloved pets. In the art collection of, many artists chose to make animals the protagonists of their masterpieces. Take a look at the colorful graphics by Alberto Mastroianni, at the birds by Antonio Cremonese and Tomislav Petranovic Rvat, and at the delicate drawings by Ernest Rouart. Cat lovers, do not miss the cat artworks by Giuliano Giuggioli and Piero Fornasetti!


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